January 30, 2008 at 3:41 am (Uncategorized)

lily-petal.jpg2986535900089889045ocbmxp_th.jpgcasablanca-lily.jpgyou had mentioned white lily’s.  these are my favorite.  the casablanca lily.  look at the texture of the petals and the brilliance of the white.  let me know what you think, i will post more in a few days.


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  1. jessie said,

    casablanca lilies are in. I think they are beautiful too. I wanted to send you a quick run down of my favorites from your large post of flowers and greens below:
    of the greens, I like:
    magnolia, bells of ireland, amaranthus, and the galax leaves best
    of the flowers, I like best:
    the gardenia, the green orchid, the juliet garden rose, the vitality garden rose, the peach rose, and the orange blossom.
    oh and i like the hypericum in all of the colors.

    i’m still not very clear about certerpieces. i really like the idea of using light and/or water and/or something suspended…

    I’m going to ask the lady at the site if there is some kind of arbor they have there, and what’s available.

    for the bouquets for the girls, i was thinking I would actually like to put an orchid or two in the bridesmainds bouquets…

    any ideas for boutineers??

    can’t wait to talk to ya baby!
    bicos xoxo -Jess

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